EZDOC is EASY to Use!

Three Simple Steps to YOUR Custom Documents on ANY Web Browser

Your Customer Information

In this area, you enter your Prospect/Customer information. This could be Name, Address, Phone Number, etc. Any items you want or need for your Document.

Your Document Details

Document Specific Items Here. This could be project quotation, bid, sales tax (Calculated here), item specifications, etc. This can even be math with online calculations (Automated).

Choose Your Document

Since this is a service for YOUR Business, you choose what documents YOU want created. Preview before you print them to PDF. Simply save PDF to your local device and email!

Is This You and Your Business?

Is this you?
Buried in paperwork and spending your business time not making money doing what you do best?

Simple repeat business activities that are needed to stay in business cost you time and money.
And if that is not enough, the simple activities are not simple when doing on a computer!

It does not have to be that way anymore.
The technology is here and even exists in your hand!

The solution IS SIMPLE and you can use your iPhone or Droid to get it done when and where you need it done!

Made for YOUR Business

This Online Document System uses YOUR Documents.
We convert Your Documents to use Online.
Then enter Your information in a simple form created just for you.
All Custom to meet YOUR needs.
We can save at least 1-2 hours of productive time each week simplifying and automating your work flow.

The Technology:

  • Code: PHP, Python, JS,HTML, CSS

  • Private Secured Cloud Servers

  • Private Secured Data Center

  • Unlimited Storage of Your Data

  • Scaleable to Enterprise Level

EZ-DOC Pricing

Three Simple Pricing Options

Basic EZ-DOC

$195.00USD | Document Conversion (Up to 4 Pages in Document)
Simple Entry and Math
Save to PDF ONLY

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Typical EZ-DOC

$195.00USD | Document Conversion (Up to 4 Pages in Document)
Client Entry and Math
Client and Math Saved
Unlimited Data Storage $600.00USD/Year

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Custom Solutions

$195.00USD | Document Conversion (First 4 Document Pages)
Complex Entry and Math
Client CRM with Math
Unlimited Data Storage
CONTACT for Proposal and Price

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